Cozy Bedroom on a Budget

As a kid, all I could dream about was growing up and creating the perfect small, cozy bedroom. I wanted the space to capture the warm comforting feeling of being in your childhood home but with hotel approved bedding. After my husband and I bought our first home, I started to looking for all the cozy things, but I was shocked by how downright expensive home decor can be! However, I made it happen and I’m here to share my secrets!

Cozy Bedroom Ideas for Couples

As a homemaker, I find joy in creating comforting spaces in my home for everyone; the kids, guests, myself and especially my husband and I. A couple’s bedroom should be an oasis from the busy outside world and a source of comfort. This can be a little tricky if you and your spouse have different taste. However, it is totally possible to do this! Here are a few tips for creating a cozy bedroom for couples.

  • Make things functional- a visually pleasing space is great, but a space that is not only aesthetically attractive but functional is ideal. Don’t forget must haves like storage, lamps, seating, etc.
  • Agree on a focal point- try to come to an agreement on an important item, such as the bed.
  • Combining styles is okay- oftentimes couples have a hard time decorating together because they believe that the space must be all one style, but this isn’t true. Incorporate each other’s style as much as possible.
  • Settle on a color theme- Select two neutral colors and one accent color for a pop! This will make i easy to decorate and stay on the same page.
  • Pick a theme- It’s hard to move together when there isn’t a clear direction. Before decorating, pick a theme or vibe that you’re going for.
  • Select artwork or photos that make you smile- A great way to make the space feel more warm is by hanging artwork. Select photos and artwork together. It’ll be a great project to bring togetherness.
  • Make the room smell nice- This is one of my favorite tips! I use a wax melter and wax from my favorite local brand to create a constant flow of warm, comforting scents. My bedroom has a unique smell that makes me feel calm every time I enter it. I also use candles for aesthetic purposes.
  • Don’t be afraid of texture- adding texture is one of the best ways to make a cozy space. Use curtains, blankets, rugs, and pillows to add texture.

Places to Shop for Affordable Bedroom Decor

As I said earlier, shopping for home decor can easily become a very expensive undertaking. With three kids, a mortgage and everyday life experiences, there is no way I could spend thousands on bedroom decor. So that meant I had to get creative! Finding cheap but sturdy and beautiful home decor is possible. You just have to be resourceful. I shopped at Target, Home Goods, Five Below, Ross’s, Kirkland’s, TJ Maxx, Walmart and Amazon. These are places that most of have within driving distance.

I have linked as many things as possible in my Amazon storefront. The bedside tables, touch sensitive lamps, curtain rods, curtains, makeup holders, jewelry organizers and more are from Amazon.

Cozy Bedroom Ideas

There you have it! I hope you’ve enjoyed these cozy bedroom ideas. Here are a few more pictures of my cozy bedroom below!

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