Romantic New Orleans Staycation

New Orleans vacations are absolutely my favorite. People often think of New Orleans as the perfect place to party, but the city has a beautiful romantic essence about it. The food, music, culture, history, art and architecture make this place the best destination for your next staycation.

New Orleans Vacation

Romantic Hotels for New Orleans Staycation

When coming to the city, everyone wants to stay in a hotel in the French Quarter. The best hotel in New Orleans is the voco St. James Hotel, an IHG hotel. I’ve stayed there a few times and the ambiance never disappoints. My favorite thing about this New Orleans hotel is the beautiful French Colonial architecture. From the exposed brick to the beautiful hardwood floors in my suite, I fall more in love with this place every time.

My second favorite thing about the St. James Hotel in New Orleans is the location! It is the best street in the city, Magazine Street, a few blocks from the WWII museum, the Superdome and in the French Quarter. The St. James is perfect for a romantic staycation because it isn’t too far from all the amenities, but the street isn’t as busy as other streets in the French Quarter.

Lastly, we need to talk about the luxury amenities of the St. James because they are great! There is an outdoor pool that sets the tone for romantic, warm summer nights. I was so surprised that this boutique hotel in the middle of the city had a pool! This was a pleasant surprise, especially since NOLA can get quite toasty in the summer months. The pool is open from 8:00 am-10:00 pm daily.

When you’re in New Orleans food and drinks are the main attraction. St. James does not disappoint! The first place you need to check out is Chophouse NOLA. It is a premier steakhouse and you can even reach it via a cute secret entrance from the St. James NOLA. The second place you can easily get delicious food from is Cafe Flamant. This is a New Orleans wine and cocktail bar that also serves appetizers. Cafe Flamant is the perfect spot to grab drinks and a light snack with your boo.

The St. James hotel truly has everything you need for a romantic staycation in New Orleans. Check out a quick recap of my most recent stay there.

Romantic Things to Do in New Orleans

New Orleans is truly a beautiful, romantic city. The vibes, culture, food, and festivities are unmatched. Many people think of visiting New Orleans because they want to party, but there are tons of things to do with your spouse during a New Orleans staycation.

  1. Visit museums together. New Orleans has over 35 museums. There is a museum for literally everything and everyone’s interest. Here are a few of my favorites that I think are super unique; JamNOLA, New Orleans Jazz Museum, Southern Food and Beverage Museum, and Sazerac House.
  2. Take a horse carriage tour. Slowly stroll through the city in a horse-drawn carriage and fall in love with the city’s charm.
  3. Have an adventure together; go ziplining at ZipNOLA– Zip across the bayou just outside of New Orleans in LaPlace. Everyone I know who has gone found the experience to be liberating and electrifying.
  4. Try new foods together- Thee is no better place to try new things than New Orleans. The city revolves around food and you and your love deserve to fall more in love with each other over a bowl of gumbo. Below, I’ll list my favorite places to eat. Be sure to check it out!
  5. Stroll through City Park- I may be a little biased, but City Park is my favorite park. While there, you can check out the Sydney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden, Cafe DuMonde, the Botanical Garden and much more.
  6. Have a romantic photo shoot- Again, I may be biased, but New Orleans’ architecture creates the most beautiful backdrop. Hire a local photographer and let her capture your love.

The Most Romantic Places to Eat in New Orleans

Obviously, as a food blogger, I know a thing or two about good food, but I love about New Orleans is that just like the people, every single restaurant is unique. I have compiled my favorite places to eat in New Orleans. Not only do I love these places because the food is amazing, but I love it because these aren’t your typical low lighting candlelit dinner type places. Oh no! These places provide ambience, delicious food and experience..

  • Tasting Room- THIS place! Ah! Come for the libations, but you’ll stay for the food. My favorite thing on the menu is the Five-Spice Crispy Yard Bird. I get it every single time and every time I am amazed at how delicious it is. Also, while you’re there, do something nice for yourself and order the charcuterie board. The chef does an amazing job of taking your taste buds on a wild and flavorful ride. Check out my visit there.
  • Evangeline’s– Remember earlier when I was telling you to cozy up with your love with a bowl of gumbo? Evangeline’s is the place to get it. This cute and cozy place is serving big flavors.
  • Saj– I recently discovered this place during my last New Orleans staycation. The house made sodas are A-mazing (get the strawberry mint). As a former vegan, I had to try the Vegan Spicy Moussaka Tapenade and it might just be my new favorite vegan dish! Lastly, the Moroccan-Style Petit Snapper is all you need.
  • Katie’s- Listen! You need a visit to this place. Every single thing on this menu is delicious. Every. Single. Thing. This restaurant made me fall in love with New Orleans cuisine all over again.

I hope this guide to a romantic New Orleans vacation has helped you!

  1. Honestlymyranda says:

    Saving this for me and hubbys solo trips! Thank you!!

  2. Kei Wilson says:

    Wow! I’ve never thought of New Orleans as place for a romantic vacation but you have convinced me that it is.
    Great post and guide!

    • Johnniemay McDonald says:

      Omg! It’s such a romantic city! The food, music, architecture, and scenery. It’s the perfect place to sneak away to.

  3. Brittany says:

    I will definitely be using this as my New Orleans itinerary when hubby and I visit. Love this, Jae!

  4. Rhea says:

    Makes me want to travel there soon!!

  5. So many great spots! I’ll have to check these out!

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